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Today's Average Exchange Rate: 2.80 USD PER 1M LINEAGE2 ADENA
calculated by averaging the exchange rates of sample sellers and auction sites

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News: The Lineage 2 Adena exchange rates are constantly fluctuating with the ebb and flow of the market. In order to let the gamers get a clear view of the market trend, Lineage 2 Adena Price Research recently published Lineage2 Adena Price Trend Chart: First Half 2005, displaying the price fluctuation for the first half of 2005.GameUSD will keep publishing price trends and providing price comparison of cheap Lineage 2 Adena for sale across top stores.

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Lineage2 Adena Price Trend Chart: First Half 2005
L2 Adena Price Trend Chart: Dec
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Lineage2 Adena Price Trends:
Lineage 2 Adena
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